Access to Cash Flow is Critical to Grow Your Business

There’s no question that a thriving trucking business is essential to the success of the American economy. With fuel prices on the rise and regulations constantly changing, it can be [...]


The Best Factoring Companies for Trucking: How to Find the Right One for Your Business

If you’re seeking the best factoring company for your trucking business this guide will help identify what to look for from the best factoring companies. There are many reasons trucking companies [...]


OTR Capital Announces New Partnership With DAT Freight & Analytics

OTR Capital Announce Partnership with DAT Freight & Analytics 10/06/2021 Portland, Oregon — DAT Freight & Analytics today announced a partnership with OTR Capital that expands factoring [...]

Invoice Factoring: How It Works and Finding the Right Company

Invoice Factoring: Fees, How It Works and Finding the Right Company Factoring invoices has become common practice in the trucking industry over the last few years and has shown a direct [...]

OTR Capital To Launch Redesigned Mobile App

OTR Capital redesign mobile app (5/18/21) Roswell, GA – OTR Capital is launching a redesign of their proprietary mobile app. This new user interface allows increased functionality, more [...]


OTR Capital Awarded #58 in AJC Top 150 Workplaces

OTR CAPITAL AWARDED #58 IN AJC TOP 150 WORKPLACES Roswell, GA (3/22/2021) — OTR Capital, LLC has been named on the 2021 list of AJC Top 150 Workplaces in Atlanta. Nearly 3,000 companies [...]


OTR Named “Top Company For Women To Work For In Transportation”

OTR Capital LLC. Named 2020 “Top Company for Women to Work For in Transportation.” Roswell, GA (10/19/20) — OTR Capital LLC. has been named a 2020 “Top Company for Women to Work For in [...]

What You Need To Know About Running FEMA Loads

Advice on running FEMA loads It’s that time of year again where unfortunate natural disasters bring in an abundance of FEMA loads that will keep many drivers busy through the summer months. [...]


OTR Launches Trucker Tools Features on our Client Portal

OTR Capital wants to keep you moving by bringing you the best service and tools you need to succeed in the industry. We are excited to partner with Trucker Tools, the most downloaded mobile app [...]


Staffing Update: Paying Contractors Daily with Paymint

How to pay contractors daily OTR Capital has partnered with PAYMINT, which is a company that provides a way for your employees and contractors to elect to be paid the same day they finish a shift [...]