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Instant Funding to your Bank Account

bolt instant funding to bank account

Available On Most Bank Holidays

instant funding to bank

Only a $25
Service Fee

25 dollar fee

Benefit from INSTANT Cash Flow.

Take advantage of OTR Capital’s lightning-fast funding. BOLT – Instant Payment Funding is our fastest payment option, and delivers funds cheaper AND faster than a wire, putting funds in your bank account as soon as your invoice is approved! Enjoy these instant deposits straight to your bank account, even on most bank holidays.

OTR Capital works to get the funds you need for your business to succeed and revolutionize your back-office. Now with BOLT, you can get these funds instantly without the restrictions of traditional payment methods. Delivered status can mean paid status if you choose BOLT as your preferred payment method today.

Our team is here to make sure your business is funded for the loads you deliver day in and day out. Having funds available maximizes what you can do for your business and increases your bottom line. Make consistent cash flow and reliable funding part of your operation today. BOLT gives you the opportunity to see the instant benefits of cash flow. Submit your information today to let us know that you’re interested in using BOLT!
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