True Non-Recourse Factoring

  • Same Day Funding
  • No Reserves, Full Funding
  • No Monthly Minimums
  • Instant Broker Checks
  • Fuel Advances 7 Days a Week

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True Non-Recourse

No reserves, no charge backs! Have the peace of mind that we will not charge you back because of slow broker payments.

No Hidden Fees

Our factoring rate is all inclusive, we tell you exactly how much our service costs up front. What you see is what you get.

Back Office Support

Take the stress off your back office by receiving a dedicated team for your account to help you with your account.

Based on 149 reviews
Based on 177 reviews
OTR Capital has been a big help to our company over the past 4.5 years, they helped us grow a lot and we continue to use them as our factoring company daily! 5 Start Service! ( Joe Emory and his team! )
Aleksandr Chuprinov
Aleksandr C.
19:49 05 Dec 19
Great service and loyality
Levi Nix
Levi N.
14:37 03 Dec 19
I want to give a huge thanks to the great team at OTR for handling all my factoring needs....want to give a special thanks to Savannah and Brandon for there help and answering any questions I have. I will recommend anyone to join OTR.
Donnie Harvey
Donnie H.
15:04 27 Nov 19
Hello!!! I have been with otr capital over two years now an they are the best... So,if you are looking for a good factoring company check them out you can get on my team they are the best.... Just call an ask for Ashley Powelll....
Fred MCGriggs
Fred M.
17:24 15 Nov 19
Great service from jake Copeland.
kyle novitsky
kyle N.
14:23 14 Nov 19
Jake Copeland and Zach are good to deal with. their men of their word.
Kyle Sky
Kyle S.
20:24 12 Nov 19
OTR Capital has been a good company to work with they're always available for my questions and they treat my small transportation company like we are a large carrier. OTR has been a great benefit to my company
Will Bailey
Will B.
13:42 08 Nov 19
Mohmed Abdulle
Mohmed A.
16:30 05 Nov 19
Factoring made easy!! Excellent customer service! Always helpful with any issues.
Angela Mitchell
Angela M.
13:17 15 Oct 19
I am new to the transportation industry regarding my own company. My experience has been awesome!!! I am so happy I made the decision to work with them for my factoring. From sales to operations, they are so helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. I first start working with Kenneth and OMG he was so amazing. He helped me with getting a great insurance company and a great broker firm. He also checks on me to make sure everything is going well. And then there is Kara, who is so awesome, professional, and knowledgeable. She goes above and beyond to make sure I receive my funds timely and explain any issues that I may have. I could have not pick a better factoring company. Thank you OTR Capital for such an amazing experience and for your dedication and professionalism. If I could give more stars, I would!! Great company!!!
Leroy Walton
Leroy W.
18:17 11 Oct 19
OTR Capital is one of the best factoring companies I have dealt with. They are very efficient and organized. No hassle. My reps Kimi and Matt are great! I would definitely recommend OTR Capital.
Wise Tiff
Wise T.
15:36 11 Oct 19
Paul Landry has the best customer service and will help you with whatever problem or situation you’ll having.. If your paperwork in own time your money is there on time never had a problem with them . I refer OTR Capital with Paul Landry and his team to any trucking company you want be disappointed...
Dra'ke Made Man Clark
Dra'ke Made Man C.
14:13 07 Oct 19
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