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Don’t wait 30+ days for your money, or deal with difficult and slow paying quick pays. Get easy, consistent, funding from OTR Capital. The sign up is free and easy, we can start factoring invoices the same day you apply.

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Based on 127 reviews
Based on 175 reviews
OTR Capital has been amazing since starting with them over 2 years ago. The business relationship has gotten even better since I started working with Kimi. She’s very patient and compassionate about her clients. Kimi always goes above and beyond for my company!!!!!
Phillip Brown
Phillip B.
13:39 16 Aug 19
I'm very happy to be using Otr good and friendly service
SO Thankful Stewart
SO Thankful S.
12:31 16 Aug 19
Always prompt and very helpful. I've had a few go out of their way for the extra help! Shout out to Kara!
Shawn Harper
Shawn H.
19:56 09 Aug 19
Great factoring company. Friendly staff, always very attentive. Payments are always on time. No issues at all with them.
Yamilka Alvarez
Yamilka A.
14:35 09 Aug 19
I've been working with OTR for 5+ years and they are the best! They are easy to work with and help you with any issue! Amelia and her team help us so much big or small and always available!! I value our relationship and recommend OTR to anyone looking for a factoring company!!
Bridget Pressley
Bridget P.
13:03 06 Aug 19
This company has been a solid corner stone to my company! Easy to reach, very helpfull, and they really keep you up to speed on " brokers gone bad" and holiday hours n so forth. Very user friendly apps and website. I could not ask for a better factoring company to partner with!
Brian Brown
Brian B.
12:28 05 Aug 19
We switched factoring companies back in 2012 to OTR Capital because of their competitive rate and ease of use. BEST move ever!!! We still see offers come across our desk from other factoring companies, but none of them can compare to the superior services provided by OTR Capital. Apart from having a low factoring fee, I love how easy it is working with the OTR system and staff! Paperwork submission via the Portal & App is super QUICK and EASY! Brokers' credit checks are super QUICK and EASY! Payments are always deposited on time directly into our checking account. LOVE that!!! QUICK and EASY! To top it off -- the FRIENDLY and COMPETENT staff at OTR is unbeatable! It is REFRESHING to call a business and hear a FRIENDLY voice for a change. The staff at OTR is ALWAYS FRIENDLY and ALWAYS EAGER to HELP! A big THANK YOU to Amelia Jones, Team Manager. Also want to give a shout out to Grace, Connor, Nicole, Robert, and Evan -- Thank y'all for all you do to make our jobs easier! May God Bless Y'all!
Melva Morgan
Melva M.
21:11 02 Aug 19
You won't find a better factoring company. Our brokerage enjoys working with McKensie Maple and she has gone above and beyond to make our invoicing and carrier payments simple and efficient. She is always looking for ways to improve and her customer service can't be beat!
Prater Corp.
Prater C.
20:35 02 Aug 19
Since 2012, we have factored our accounts with the OTR Family, and a family is truly what this company is. The people here truly care about their clients and go above and beyond to help them succeed. We credit a lot of our success to this company alone. Our team, Amelia, Connor, and McCauley are always very helpful and able to get us paid fast. In 7 years we have never had any charge backs and their non-recourse is truly non recourse without hidden fees. We refer every carrier we can to this company because we truly believe choosing the right factoring company is crucial to having a successful small trucking company.
Prater Logistics
Prater L.
20:21 02 Aug 19
I enjoy working with Connor Smith and Amelia Jones.
Donna Ruppart
Donna R.
20:08 02 Aug 19
Max O Max
Max O M.
17:15 02 Aug 19
I have been working with OTR capital for a little over 10 months and what I can tell you is that they treat my small business with respect patience and urgency I highly recommend OTR to any carrier for your factoring needs
Will Bailey
Will B.
16:42 02 Aug 19
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