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OTR Capital Offers Quick, Easy and Reliable Factoring
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Whether you need cash to pay for raw materials, labor, or equipment, don’t turn down a job due to minimal cash flow availability.

  • Stay Out of Debt
    • OTR can offer a great alternative to commercial construction loans. Avoid high interest rates, by quickly turning invoices for completed stages of projects into cash.
  • High Advance Rates
    • OTR can fund up to 80% of an invoice upfront for construction projects. The balance is held in a reserve account, and when the invoice is paid, the remainder is released. Typically the 80% is more than enough to cover expenses and still maintain a positive profit margin.
  • Eliminate Slow Pay Risk
    • Although prompt payment laws have been enacted, too many companies are not paying their invoices in a timely manner. The Construction Financial Management Association puts the average days to collect on invoices at 66 days! Get paid the same day for your completed work and move on to the next phase of the project.