Life at OTR

Culture and Core Values

Culture is at the heart of everything we do at OTR Capital. We value a candidate’s personality and how they fit within the company as much as the skill set and experience they are bringing to a potential position. Our core values are what help us ensure that our culture remains alive and well. As we grow and evolve we realize that these values are more than just words, they are a way of life.

Our employees:

  • Put the customer first.
  • Display the highest level of Integrity.
  • Demonstrate respect for others.
  • Possesses a “do whatever it takes” attitude.
  • Think creatively and innovate.
  • Enjoy a collaborative environment.
  • Are resourceful, adaptable and results driven.

What’s Happening at OTR?

At OTR we strive to have a great Work Hard/Play Hard balance. We enjoy having fun and making money while we do it! It’s important to us that OTR employees feel comfortable and enjoy their work environment, so we provide ways to make the work place more fun and unique. We strive to enjoy our time together and for no day to be dull.

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