Operations is comprised of Account Managers and Account Coordinators, who are responsible for growing and sustaining our business primarily through handling the operational aspects of client payables. Our key initiative through excellent customer service is to partner with our transportation clients to provide the working capital needed to finance their daily operations and assist in the growth of their business.


Accounts Receivable Analysts are responsible for growing and sustaining our business primarily through handling collections and receivables of clients.

“OTR goes to bat for our clients every day, on every load, no matter the situation. We value ourselves on providing the best possible customer service, and every employee is focused on making our process as easy and efficient as we can. We believe in real human interaction, NO voicemails, and a dedication to getting the job done!” Clayton Griffin, VP and Director of Finance.


Sales Associates are responsible for growing the business primarily through generating sales leads and soliciting OTR’s services to new accounts. This position will be responsible for promoting and selling OTR’s services in accordance with established sales policies and procedures, and in pursuit of the Company’s goals and objectives.

“Our sales team is one of the best in the business. OTR’s continued growth and success is a direct reflection of the hard work and dedication that our sales team puts in every single day.” Chris Eble, National Sales Manager


The underwriting department is responsible for mitigating OTR’s financial risk. The underwriters work closely with the sales team to evaluate each new client.

“The goal of the underwriting department is to evaluate each new client as efficiently as possible. We follow certain due diligence procedures to protect OTR when funding a new client. It’s important to help OTR grow with clients who are looking to grow their business. We are excited to continue the growth!” Alex Ottoson, Underwriter Manager

HR & Recruiting:

HR is in charge of all HR related issues and recruiting potential candidates for employment.

The HR Recruiting Specialist leads the recruiting and interviewing plan for each open position by conducting phone interviews, setting up and facilitating in-person interviews, and overseeing the recruiting process in general.

“My favorite thing about OTR Capital is the culture. The first time I walked through the door I instantly felt the energy that pulses through the office. The electric atmosphere helps motivate each OTR employee to reach their full potential.” – Catie Robb, Recruiting Manager

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