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Find Loads With DAT.

Get Paid With OTR Capital.

Manage your cash flow with the team at OTR Capital. We can help you revolutionize your back-office and maximize on your company’s growth.
What You Get:
  • Trusted factoring through OTR Capital
  • Fuel advances for a flat fee
  • Built for small businesses
  • No new debts
Watch our video to see what sets OTR Capital apart from the rest. We redefine what factoring can do for your business with powerhouse partnerships and services that keep you moving.

What Is Freight Factoring?

Time value of money: Fast payout of invoice minus a percentage for the factoring service
Avoid debt: New companies avoid new short-term loans
Cash flow: You get cash on hand to cover any emergencies
DAT partners with OTR Capital to provide industry leading back office and cashflow solutions to all carriers, including brand new authorities. OTR Capital also helps new authorities establish a solid customer network by providing broker credit approval information directly through the DAT Load Board. Everyone can apply, even if their authority is not active yet! Get the power of freight-finding and factoring services through this partnership.

Any load on DAT load boards with a blue checkmark can be factored through OTR Capital It only takes one phone call to get paid right away.

What Makes OTR Different

True Non-Recourse

We will not charge you back because of slow broker payments. Our Non-Recourse program offers zero reserves or chargebacks!

No Hidden Fees

With OTR, what you see is what you get. Our straightforward factoring programs will not add any hidden fees or charges to your rate.

Back Office Support

Revolutionize your business with our back-office support. Our team handles your paperwork so that you can focus on the road ahead.

See What Our Clients Say

Based on 247 reviews
Based on 99 reviews
I have been with OTR almost 2 years ! Mitch is my go to ! Trucking is a tough industry but thank you for being a great person , understanding and patient. We need more Mitchs in the world.
Ava Marie E.
Ava Marie E.
20:19 04 Oct 21
My entire team has been awesome but Samantha Hogan in particular really helped me out in a pinch. I can't thank her enough for her patience, graciousness, and simply making an extended effort for me (a new client) on a FRIDAY. I will recommend OTR Capital to anyone looking for factoring. It is seamless and the people obviously care. Thanks again Samantha!
Trice A
Trice A
13:13 04 Oct 21
FOREX INVESTMENT I never believed my life will change in such a manner, i saw a review on a page about MRS ELIZABETH BAYS and before then i have never risk money doing anything online with anybody because i think i was so wise and never want to be cheated, but when i contacted her and she explained everything to me concerning trading and the profit i can make within a week i was convinced to give a trial and why i risked to invest 500$ was because i don't need to send her the money but to create and fund my trading account all by myself and give her the access to manage my trading account and i made a withdrawals of 6000$ in a week, please i am very happy to introduce all friends and family to invest in themselves and there family. Instead of looking for other evil ways to make money or to increase there worth in life thanks
Her email is
गगल ग.
गगल ग.
06:23 01 Oct 21
Don't regret doing business with OTR Capital. Our account rep, Rafael Abromson, has been spectacular. I have nothing bad to say about OTR. I did business with RTS Financial & they were the worst. RTS was super picky about their paperwork, hardly factored with any company, & OTR hardly gives me any issues. When we do stumble across issues they fix it in a timely manner & before you know it you're getting paid. Awesome job guys!!
12:58 21 Sep 21
Nick and his team over at OTR CAPITAL are the best they always take great care of me to ensure my business is handled and my financial needs are met. If you are looking for factoring for your trucking this is where you want to be!!! Grade A
Quavelin W.
Quavelin W.
18:19 17 Sep 21
OTR is one of the best Factoring in USA.
iurii K.
iurii K.
20:35 08 Sep 21
We are extremely happy with the switch to OTR Capital as our factoring Partner. The way transition team handled our account was seamless. Our number one worry was business interruption when we decided to make a switch from our previous factor to OTR, However OTR team Knew exactly what they were doing as industry experts and we didn’t feel no changes at all. Shout out to the leadership team @Cameron and @Konnor for job well done. Their account team are also very proactive on any type of issues. Turnaround on emails/phone calls is immediate. One last things, their customer portal is very intuitive and easy to use for anyone. You can literally train grandma on it. That’s how easy it’s.

Looking forward to long partnership with OTR.

100% Recommend!!!
Yaqub I.
Yaqub I.
23:00 04 Sep 21
Modou D.
Modou D.
17:23 04 Sep 21
I’m making this review for Thomas Petitt especially but overall otr is a great company! But Thomas has been so much of a help with me and my company. I just haven’t to long started doing hotshot and I run my business by myself. I book loads fill out paperwork and drive all myself. I had to learn a lot of things on the fly and how to do invoices and what documents are most important and Thomas was very patient with me and well educated me on how things are done so I could make sure I get paid for my work. He taught me a lot of things and was always there to help always answers the phone or any text or email I send him. On top of that he has a great sprit and great customer service skills. Just a all around great dude man I hope otr treats him well as an employee so that he continues to work there. He is a huge help to my business.
BigAL B.
BigAL B.
12:54 03 Sep 21
Juan Castro has been extremely helpful for many years. Any time I've got an issue or need something, he's the guy who can get it for me. Very professional, very friendly, and extremely hard working this man is. Thank you for your support and assistance over the past few years.
Grant L.
Grant L.
16:16 02 Sep 21
OTR Capital is an amazing factoring company. Kyle and Ellie are some of the best people to work with. Very friendly, timely, and kind staff. Do NOT hesitate to do business with them!
Gary E.
Gary E.
14:58 02 Sep 21
El salvaje M.
El salvaje M.
00:43 24 Aug 21
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