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OTR Capital provides programs designed to eliminate the stress of funding employees. When cash flow is slow, payroll can be your biggest concern.  Wouldn’t you rather put that money to use investing in attractive growth opportunities?

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Factoring and payroll

Payroll Funding or Factoring give staffing companies the ability to sell their invoices in order to fund payroll and other business needs. This will ease the restriction of cash flow for your business.

No difference at all. Payroll Funding is just a term used in the staffing industry.

Once invoices are submitted and approved, funding will occur same day or next day.

OTR does not require companies to factor a certain amount on a regular basis. Having a slow week or month is a part of business.

No, OTR does not require staffing companies to use funding services for all their clients. You can pick and choose which clients you use OTR for, and which invoices you chose to submit.

  1. Cash Flow Grow your business with confidence knowing you can hire new staff and find new clients without the worry of lacking funds
  2. Easy to Acquire Unlike financial institutions, factoring does not require a complicated, lengthy or costly underwriting process and minimal requirements needed to start.
  3. Debt Free Financing The sale of a receivables, is an asset, as opposed to a bank loan adding debt or liability on your balance sheet.

onboarding PROCESS

OTR has a quick and easy application process with required documents.

With the application OTR requires A copy of the articles of incorporation, a copy of all owners Driver’s Licenses, a copy of your business/liability insurance and a copy of a 2018 W-9.

No credit check required on you. We only check the credit worthiness of your clients.

OTR has flat fees. The cost of funding will vary depending on sales volume, creditworthiness of your client and payment terms.


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