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Quick Uploads

No more File Type prompt, the app will assign the File Type for you. Uploaded files will be combined into one save.

Fuel Finder

Are you fueling with the Capital Fuel Card? Enjoy a fuel map integrated into the mobile app that displays diesel pricing for truck stops across the country! Locate your savings as you go.

Habla Español?

The OTR App is now available in Spanish! Just adjust your phones native language settings.

Full Data Insight

Factor from anywhere, and get full insight on factored loads and analytics related to your growth.

Easily Manage Your Paperwork

Manage and get full visibility over your paperwork and the financials of your operations.

Streamline Your Processes

Benefit from being able to operate back-office and billing straight from the app, streamlining your mobile factoring process.

Your Factoring Toolkit

Your dashboard gives you the insights and data you need on the go, including total factored volume, top customers, and invoices.
Communicate with your dedicated account manager re-submit issue invoices, and so much more.
Run broker checks and request fuel advances from anywhere.
View and save all of your paperwork in our new document manager. Manage all of your documents on the go straight from your phone.

Savings Are On The Way

The Fuel Finder feature in the OTR Mobile App is an integrated fuel map that helps you save more on the road.

Locate savings on your route to start saving more every day. Capital Fuel Card users can now pinpoint exact truck stop locations on their routes for more savings. Look forward to these features and more on the newest version of the OTR Mobile App in late January!

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For years, OTR Capital has been working with small, medium, and large companies, to solve cash flow problems by providing quick, easy, and affordable funding. With more cash flow, you can take advantage of bigger opportunities, take on bigger loads, and experience sustained growth. Enjoy everything OTR Capital has to offer right at your fingertips with the OTR Mobile App.

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