OTR Named “Top Company For Women To Work For In Transportation”

OTR Capital LLC. Named 2020 “Top Company for Women to Work For in Transportation.” Roswell, GA (10/19/20) — OTR Capital LLC. has been named a 2020 “Top Company for Women to Work For in [...]

What You Need To Know About Running FEMA Loads

Advice on running FEMA loads It’s that time of year again where unfortunate natural disasters bring in an abundance of FEMA loads that will keep many drivers busy through the summer months. [...]


Factoring Myths, Busted!

Uncovering The Top 4 Factoring Myths Finding the best freight factoring company can be a daunting task. It can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for in today’s market with all of [...]

What Does a Chargeback Company Do?

Explaining Chargebacks In The Factoring Process After exploring the different factoring programs OTR offers, you may find yourself thinking recourse factoring is the best option for your [...]


Risks Involved with Double Brokering

Risks Involved with Double Brokering Double Brokering Doing your due diligence when booking a load is very important to avoid loads that can harm your healthy business. One of the riskiest things [...]

Comparing Freight Factoring Programs

Comparing Freight Factoring Programs Before understanding which freight factoring program is best for you, check out our post about the benefits of a using factoring company. Recourse or true [...]


Brake Safety Week Scheduled for September 15 – 22

Brake Safety Week Scheduled for September 2019 The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has declared this upcoming week from September 15 to the 22 as Brake Safety Week. After the [...]


National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Driver Appreciation Week is taking place September 8 -14 this year and OTR wants to say THANK YOU to all the hard-working drivers that work for our [...]


Choosing the Best Fuel Card for Your Trucking Company

When looking at the operating costs trucking companies must cover every year, on average, fuel is the biggest cost. Fuel can consume as much as 39% of a company’s operating costs each year, [...]


How to Find the Best Freight Factoring Company

What to consider when choosing a transportation factoring company What’s your rate? It’s usually the first question asked when starting a conversation with a factoring company, after all, it is [...]