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  • OTR Capital has really been a great help with the starting of my business. Thank you and your staff for your assistance and always being prompt.

    Decarlos U.
    Decarlos U.
  • “I must say that our overall service we receive from OTR has been indeed good for our business as we strive to grow. OTR has exceeded my expectations on customer service. Overall, I look forward to growing and partnering with OTR as we move forward.”

    Joyce A.
    Joyce A.
  • “We have been doing business with OTR Capital for 1 year. In that time we have found that the customer service and the individual attention we receive has been superb. Every time I call for any reason I’m always met with courteous, friendly, respectful agents that seem to enjoy the company they work for. All of the requests I have made over the past year for various paperwork and documents have also been met with promptness. Tyler Dortch (our Senior Account Manager) is absolutely wonderful and has always insured that if he is not available that his team has the knowledge to help us with any question that might have arisen. In addition, the ease of managing our cash flow that OTR Capital has given us has helped us achieve that amazing growth that we have experienced in our first year of business. We have gone from having 1 truck on the road to 6 with in one short year.”

    Cherish M
    Cherish M
  • “We have worked with OTR Capital for the past 3 years. Having the confidence that your invoices will be paid next day is a pleasure and knowing that you’re calling their office and your call will be answered. OTR Capital as a factoring company for our business is a pillar as cash flow for our drivers. I recommend their business to all the trucking companies looking to work with people that care and respect your business. As an owner of a trucking company and dealing with a market that is variable, working with OTR Capital and checking each broker gives you a piece of mind knowing you are working with somebody that will make sure you get paid.”

    Johanna G.
    Johanna G.
  • “I didn’t think it was possible to open an account with a factoring company so easily. OTR Capital made it extremely easy especially with their no minimum volume required. We factored only about 50% of our bills before but now we factor about 99% through OTR. We have been so very pleased with the excellent customer service we have received. It is amazing to know that you have one person that you can always call and they know what is going on and not get the run around. Anytime we have had a question all you have to do is send an email or a simple phone call and you always get to speak with someone quickly. Our account manager Rachel and her team are amazing and so very helpful. I would recommend OTR Capital to anyone looking to better their business.”

    Mary E.
    Mary E.
Based on 176 reviews
Based on 145 reviews
OTR is a great company and are a life saver for a small operation. Everyone treats you like family. The best thing I enjoy is if I have ever have a billing issue I can email Connor smith in billing directly. Connor goes above and beyond to respond and fix the issue in a timely manner.
Evens Mcvay
Evens M.
15:21 29 May 20
great company to work with. always on time.. ask for Sam or chase. good guys
Marvin Maxwell
Marvin M.
14:57 29 May 20
Will be adding more reviews as time goes on, but for now, 5 starts because they made the transition from Foley super smooth and worry free. Angel, the sales person I was working with could not have been any better. He was available even on the weekends. Loads are very easy to submit since they have a mobile app. I don't know what happened with all those customers who left bad reviews but I don't see what they are complaining about. Also their non-recourse rate is way better than many recourse rates from other Factoring companies. Also 7 days fuel advance from 8am to 8pm? I hope I don't regret putting up this review but so far it's been great working with them.
21:11 28 May 20
A good friend of mine recommend OTR as soon as I became O/O and since 2017 is been there for Us we have had other offer's from other funding firm but why let go of a company that's been there for us at all times Thank U
Jorge Valdez
Jorge V.
16:22 22 May 20
OTR is a wonderful company to work with. They go above and beyond to meet your needs. Everyone I have worked with has always been really nice and professional. I would recommend OTR to everyone looking for a great factoring company.
Nicole Ives
Nicole I.
14:48 22 May 20
the best factory company
13:10 22 May 20
Well everything goes well OTR is fine. It’s when little stuff like a page not being numbered is when they get frustrating. I submit 3 pages of BOL but only 2 technically show page numbers. Well guess who won’t send payment...OTR. Then you contact them why and they make it see like the world is going to end because the last page doesn’t say 3 of 3....like the drivers is the one who designed paperwork....and they won’t try very hard to get it sorter you have to constantly email them to get it resolved. This has happened to me multiple times. Delays payment an average of 3-5 days.Joe reached out to me regarding this issue and got it sorted it right away and apologized for the inconvenience. To be honest it’s the first company I’ve had actually reach out to me and fix an issue quickly. He also went through and made sure all my other invoices were all in good shape. So if you go with OTR rest assured that they will be kind enough to call you and make sure everything is right!
Slobodan Zecevic
Slobodan Z.
14:26 21 May 20
YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!! This is the expedited, quality and reliability of a partnership I like to see. TY for your hard work David Alvarez and team!! I GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!!
Domenica Le
Domenica L.
19:09 20 May 20
Ilmegene Gustave
Ilmegene G.
17:18 18 May 20
I have used the OTR Capital services for a few years now and I have never had any problems. They are sufficient, fast, and always willing to help me whenever I may need assistance. They are always kind with me on the phone and make my day easier. I would recommend their services.
Pawel Pochron
Pawel P.
14:59 18 May 20
OTR is the BEST, absolute BEST factoring company I have had the pleasure of working with. I have been with them for years and it has been an absolute blast. There are people that I speak with every day, who really care for me and my business. CONNOR is THE MAN, him and his team always make sure I get paid on time! And I know if I ever ran into any troubles they would have my back and help me get situated. Its beyond a business relationship with this company! If you are on the fence about who to go with, don't hesitate.
Dee Heard
Dee H.
21:02 15 May 20
Great factoring company to work with. They are always there to help and very pleasant to work with.
Matt Kauffman
Matt K.
19:04 15 May 20
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