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  • OTR Capital has really been a great help with the starting of my business. Thank you and your staff for your assistance and always being prompt.

    Decarlos U.
    Decarlos U.
  • “I must say that our overall service we receive from OTR has been indeed good for our business as we strive to grow. OTR has exceeded my expectations on customer service. Overall, I look forward to growing and partnering with OTR as we move forward.”

    Joyce A.
    Joyce A.
  • “We have been doing business with OTR Capital for 1 year. In that time we have found that the customer service and the individual attention we receive has been superb. Every time I call for any reason I’m always met with courteous, friendly, respectful agents that seem to enjoy the company they work for. All of the requests I have made over the past year for various paperwork and documents have also been met with promptness. Tyler Dortch (our Senior Account Manager) is absolutely wonderful and has always insured that if he is not available that his team has the knowledge to help us with any question that might have arisen. In addition, the ease of managing our cash flow that OTR Capital has given us has helped us achieve that amazing growth that we have experienced in our first year of business. We have gone from having 1 truck on the road to 6 with in one short year.”

    Cherish M
    Cherish M
  • “We have worked with OTR Capital for the past 3 years. Having the confidence that your invoices will be paid next day is a pleasure and knowing that you’re calling their office and your call will be answered. OTR Capital as a factoring company for our business is a pillar as cash flow for our drivers. I recommend their business to all the trucking companies looking to work with people that care and respect your business. As an owner of a trucking company and dealing with a market that is variable, working with OTR Capital and checking each broker gives you a piece of mind knowing you are working with somebody that will make sure you get paid.”

    Johanna G.
    Johanna G.
  • “I didn’t think it was possible to open an account with a factoring company so easily. OTR Capital made it extremely easy especially with their no minimum volume required. We factored only about 50% of our bills before but now we factor about 99% through OTR. We have been so very pleased with the excellent customer service we have received. It is amazing to know that you have one person that you can always call and they know what is going on and not get the run around. Anytime we have had a question all you have to do is send an email or a simple phone call and you always get to speak with someone quickly. Our account manager Rachel and her team are amazing and so very helpful. I would recommend OTR Capital to anyone looking to better their business.”

    Mary E.
    Mary E.
Based on 159 reviews
Based on 178 reviews
I highly recommend OTR. I've dealt with others No one meets the standards of OTR. Ashleigh and her team always help me with what ever situation I am dealing with. Great customer service. T&R Trucking Inc.
Tamera Van Ginkel
Tamera Van G.
19:14 27 Mar 20
We have been working whit OTR for more than 4 years and truly appreciate all the help and the business We do together, they know how this business move and always are there for clients, Our rep Ashleigh Powell is amazing and helpful everytime We need her, I truly recomend OTR Capital as one of the best Factor Company in the trucking industry....
Israel Torres
Israel T.
14:11 13 Mar 20
Yes! Highly recommended! I have been with OTR Capital for approximately 5 years. Their staff goes above and beyond to assist their customers needs. My team is the best! They help and point me in the right direction with other issues in the trucking industry.
Brenda V. Wright Rice
Brenda V. Wright R.
13:26 13 Mar 20
I have been working with OTR for almost 5 years now. Any time that I have called I have always received fast, efficient, and friendly service. We have always loved our account managers. Everyone at OTR is dedicated to helping their clients with anything they can. I recommend OTR Capital to anyone who is searching for a new factoring company. They won’t disappoint you!
Tyler Sartin
Tyler S.
00:45 10 Mar 20
Been with OTR for a few years mow. So many calls to change...but WHY!! These guys are GREAT. Trust me, Kimi Richardson and Robert Howard, WILL take care of ya. Bending over backwards to HELP daily!!Give em a call!! Sure glad I did!!Be safe out there!!
Greg Blessing
Greg B.
19:02 28 Feb 20
Really great factoring company, it was always a pleasure working, they are nice and hardworking people, and I am really enjoying working with Chase and Connor, who are model professionals.
18:59 28 Feb 20
I have been working with OTR capital over 4yrs I had never had any issues with them, they make this business so much easier 👍🏽 Thanks to chase team for their outstanding performance
ryan king
ryan K.
16:53 28 Feb 20
Best in business big S/O my boy chase Pringle very helpful manager
Mohamed Abdulle
Mohamed A.
18:31 14 Feb 20
Absolutely the BEST, hands down Factoring Company. if you want ease and simplicity of using a factoring company these are the people. They will treat you like family with dignity & respect. We adore you OTR Capital.
Renae Muller
Renae M.
23:46 03 Feb 20
It is great job from Will and Keny and otrcapital is great agency
Dilsher Abdulhakim
Dilsher A.
21:35 24 Jan 20
3+ years of EXCELLENT service from OTR Capital. We are unindated with offers from other factoring companies with lower rates, but we wouldn't consider leaving OTR! They have superb customer service and we appreciate all their hard work!
Marco Angelo
Marco A.
18:13 23 Jan 20
I am the owner of Team Fortune Trucking and we would HIGHLY recommend OTR. We offer dispatching services so we work with several different factoring companies and OTR is hands down the BEST! Especially Cameron Ferguson. If we have any questions, whether it is his account or not, he is on the ball with getting us an answer right away! Keep up the great work and we will continually be recommending you guys for any of our new drivers. 😊
Joni Moye Fortune
Joni Moye F.
15:50 03 Jan 20
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